Understanding the market

There is a big difference between learning and understanding. When it comes to a professionally built education designed for everyday people, we felt the market was due for a change.

Imagine if you could stay at home, watch your earnings grow, and be in control of your own financial future.

How would you like to be able to support yourself and your family without ever having to show up at work? No more sick days or angry bosses. Imagine if you could stay at home, watch your earnings grow, and be in control of your own financial future. Sounds like a fantasy right? It’s closer to reality than you might think. 

As you may or may not have guessed, we are talking about trading stocks and options. This fantastic area of investing is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tools ever invented for building wealth. Stocks and options are the cornerstone of almost every investment portfolio. When you start your odyssey down the road to financial freedom, you want to be sure that you are in a vehicle that can get you there.  That’s where the market comes in.

Designed for everyday people

Over the last few decades, the number of “average Joes” making a livable income in the market has grown exponentially. What used to be just a game for the rich has caught on like wildfire.  The job market is down, the cost of gas is up, and people don’t know where to turn. Luckily, dissatisfaction is the mother of all change. Between the advances in trading technology and the availability of web-based educational programs that work around your hectic life, people just like you are taking their lives into their own hands.  Making money in the markets is not a talent, it’s a skill, and skills are learned. You didn’t know how to do your job on your first day, and you didn’t know how to walk when you were born.  The same applies to the market.  Too many people try to do it on their own, and fail.

Despite it's surge in popularity over recent years, most people are still scared of the stock market. Far too many people only know bits and pieces they learn from others who don't know what they're talking about either. Chances are you've heard somebody say something like, "My friend Tom made a bunch of money with XYZ stock, and he told me he has another hot tip" or "You better be careful in the market, you can really lose your shirt.”  Most of these “experts” are just looking for a get-rich-quick scheme; no such thing exists. The only people who get rich overnight are the ones that strike oil while they are shooting at rabbits.   Think about it; if you could make money doing nothing, nobody in the world would have a job. The fact is that most people allow their fears to keep them in the exact situation they are unhappy with. In this day and age, the real fear should be not having financial security.  In this uncertain world, one of the few things that you can be sure of is that the market will rise and fall.  With a little bit of knowledge, and a small amount of time, you can start building your own wealth by being able to spot these trends. Don’t leave your money in a bank collecting dust; let your money work as hard for you, as you worked for it.  Remember, if you don’t think that you have enough, the only thing to do is put yourself in a position to make more.

Our courses are not designed for the experienced market professional; they are designed for everyday people. These courses are specifically built for those with little to no experience. Our webinars are simple yet powerful, in order to cut out the “fluff” and get down to what matters. Our Learning Center rivals any library of relevant information available online. Our charts and scans are expertly researched, and they change as new information becomes available.  We live in an ever-Changing world; in order to keep up, we offer continual education at no additional cost to you.  We teach basic investing concepts that are often the difference between profit and loss. 

Learning Designed For You:

We built our program with you in mind. Yes, you; the person who is unsatisfied with their current situation and is looking for a change.  Change is up to you. Tomorrow will come no matter what, but the choice is yours where you decide to be when it does.  Our program is designed to give you a solid foundation to build upon.  As your knowledge-base grows, so will the difficulty of our courses.  As your understanding increases, you will be able to utilize more of the information that will be available to you.  Put yourself in a better position with Optionrise. 

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